The Ultimate Checklist for Efficient and Fast Packaging

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Time consuming? To check! Stressful? Oh yeah! Exhausting? Yawn … Heel! Okay, so moving might not be the most exciting experience, but there are ways to make it easier. All you have to do is take advantage of the movers and packers in Al Ain checklist below, which offers practical and logical tips to help you pack your house quickly and efficiently.

How to Pack Efficiently?

Everyone can just throw their things in a box and put some tape on it. But taking the time to pack efficiently is definitely worth it. Not only will it make the day of the move better organized, but it will also make unpacking much easier. Here are some must-know tips to be an efficient packer.

  • Make an inventory of your entire house and decide which items you want to take with you and which ones you leave behind. The less stuff you pack, the less money you have to pay for supplies and transport. You also don’t waste time packing things that you really don’t need or want.
  • Never underestimate the time it takes to pack your house for a move. Therefore, start as early as possible to prevent the inevitable build-up of moving stress.
  • Packing an entire house is a hard and almost impossible achievement for one family, let alone for one person. Ask for help with packing friends and professional packers to get the job done faster and more efficiently.
  • Request a list of unauthorized goods from your removal company in advance. This ensures that you do not waste time and energy on items that may not be transported (for example, dangerous goods, explosive / flammable / corrosive substances, pets, plants, perishable food).

How To Pack Quickly?

It does not matter where you move to (apartment, house, new office) or what type of relocation it is (local, intra-state). Here are the best ways to pack quickly.

  • To be a quick packer, a good organization is crucial. Create a customized and prioritized day-by-day package calendar so that you can make the most of the usable time you have before Moving Day arrives.
  • Use the pack-in-internships approach. This means packing a certain number of boxes every day. Make sure you stick to it!
  • Assign one specific room as your packing station. This significantly speeds up the packaging process by keeping your other rooms tidy and easily accessible during the most time-consuming tasks that precede moving.
  • Set a master packaging strategy to prevent wasted time on random and unorganized packaging orders.
  1. Start with the most difficult rooms to pack.
  2. Pack items that you use the least before you use them the most.
  3. First pack heavy / bulky items.
  • Make an effort to stay focused. If you maintain your concentration while packing, the movement process will be considerably accelerated.

How to pack moving boxes?

When you move, you need the ultimate packaging stock – moving boxes! Buy or collect a large number of cardboard boxes that are in good overall condition. You can get them directly from a local moving company or local companies. While you are busy, go ahead and collect other must-have supplies – bubble wrap, wrapping paper, packing tape, scissors and markers.

  • Once you have all your supplies, the packing can begin. But before you throw things in without rhyme or reason, here are the best ways to fill those boxes.
  • For extra protection of your valuables against accidents, place a sheet or two clean wrapping paper on the bottom of each box.
  • Strengthen the bottom of each box with a few pieces of high-quality packaging tape. No matter how durable the removal box looks and feels, this helps prevent the risk of accidental breakages.
  • Note the size of each box. Use small boxes for heavy items such as books, and medium-sized containers for lighter items such as pillows, blankets and stuffed animals.
  • Make sure you use fill and fill material in boxes. The better you pack unused space with soft fillers, the more immobilized your items will be.
  • Clearly label all moving boxes. By marking the contents, the destination space and special instructions for use, you save time, confusion and nerves.
  • Grab a special moving box – or maybe a few – with the daily necessities you need after moving (toothbrush, toilet paper, some clothing, etc.). This saves you time and energy in locating important items in the heap of sealed boxes looming around you.

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